The PermaDontics Center Sinks Its Teeth Into Radio Advertising

Rich Elrod, Account Executive, BCA Radio; Jerry Donadio, General Sales Manager, BCA Radio; Dr. Joel Berger, PermaDontics Center; Mary Reitz, Implant Consultant, PermaDontics Center; Dan Huslin, CEO, The Dark Horse Group; Steve Virissimo, Account Executive, Clear Channel

The Dark Horse Group understands that an endorsement from a trusted name in radio can make for very effective advertising. That's why the agency asked long-time sports announcer and radio personality Ted Leitner to speak for PermaDontics in its May 2011 campaign - a campaign that continues today. He posed the question to 50+ year olds, "Are your teeth strong enough to tackle corn on the cob and steak?"

Radio is the primary component in the marketing plan used to attract new clients to seminars on the procedure. Dark Horse and the sponsor believe the radio spots and the stamp of approval from a well-known member of the community made the venture especially successful.

The spots urge those who need help with their teeth, and who may be in a dire situation, to attend seminars given by the doctors - both long time San Diegans - and learn more about the life-changing procedure.

According to Dark Horse's CEO Daniel Huslin, "Our internal tracking has shown that seminar attendees are very predisposed to go forward with the Same Day Teeth Treatment Plan, more so than leads generated via our TV and print marketing," states Huslin. "We think it's the personal component that is conveyed via radio. We are successfully bringing in 15 to 20 people per seminar, despite competition from a fairly new competitor."

The PermaDontics doctors say they also used radio - specifically stations XX1090, ESPN 1700 and KOGO AM/FM - for its ability to connect with a broad audience and for ease in making changes to the creative. The campaign surpassed everyone's expectations, with results showing a 40-percent increase in sales over the previous year.

"We recently did an internal analysis of our customers over the 2011 period and found that we were able to trace over $250,000 worth of revenues to our radio efforts," states Huslin. "We believe that this is revenue our competitor is missing out on - - but please don't tell them that!"

As proof of PermaDontic's satisfaction with radio advertising, the company is planning more projects with Leitner this year and has purchased an ad-lib spot in Padres radio broadcasts this baseball season.

Definitely information to chew on!


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