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SDRBA’S 16TH Annual EAR Awards Recognize Seven San Diego Businesses Using Radio Advertising Effectively

Originality, relevance, and a clear message to consumers are the hallmarks of the 2013 local radio spots recently honored by the San Diego Radio Broadcasters Association (SDRBA). This is the 16th year the organization has bestowed its EAR "Effective Advertising in Radio" Awards to the companies and advertising agencies that have most clearly captured the attention of their audiences.

The seven winners, which include a government entity, a neighborhood shopping center, a credit union and an apartment rental firm, have documented proof of their advertising success in the form of an increased bottom line or, in one case, in a surge of applications for an advertised position. The 2014 winners included five English language spots and two Spanish language. 

“Every year we have new endorsements and new success stories to tell,” states Sharon Massey, San Diego Radio Broadcasters Association’s executive director. “With Radio, there is no end to the possibilities of reaching targeted listeners for every product or service. Radio is a versatile and powerful medium because we have the unique ability to make our advertisers’ spots as personal, exciting, or funny as they like or need, without breaking their advertising budgets.” 

2014 EAR Awards winners are:

English Language:

.   Baker Electric Solar + KOGO AM 600

.   Boot World + Suncoast Marketing

.   Mission Federal Credit Union + LMA Marketing & Advertising

.   Pacific Honda + TinyBeast

.   San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) + Brown Marketing Strategies

Spanish Language:

.   Chula Vista Center + Univision Radio

.   H. G. Fenton + Uniradio

In the awarding of the crystal Tiffany EAR Award, judges consider clients’ expectations, as well as measurable sales or awareness of the company as a result of the radio campaign. Spots are also judged on their creativity. In each case, a company or advertising representative noted a marked difference in the number of customers to their doors, applications that were received, or sales that significantly increased.

“Year in, and year out, our SDRBA members see and hear from so many satisfied clients. It’s a testimony to the effectiveness of Radio, and the connection our advertisers are able to make with audiences in this unique medium. Whether people listen from their homes, their cars, at work or over-the-air or online, they often form a bond with their favorite stations, and trust the information that announcers or deejays relate to them. Radio has a definite advantage in touching the people our clients want and need to reach, and as our EAR Awards demonstrate, Radio gets results.”

SDRBA Chooses Winners of the 15th Annual EAR Awards

Members of the San Diego Radio community are proud to announce the winners of the 2013 EAR (Effective Advertising on Radio) Awards. Again this year, it is a diverse group of local businesses that benefited from the mediums unique ability to reach loyal listeners and attentive consumers.
In all, there are ten winners in 2013, the 15th consecutive year the EAR Awards have been presented to San Diego companies and their advertising agencies or producers.

What makes us very excited is that radio advertising continues to bring great results for every type of business, states San Diego Radio Broadcaster Associations Executive Director Sharon Massey. This year, our winning entries range from a major financial institution to a well-known local rodeo, and from a mental health care initiative to a Mexican restaurant. Radio doesnt discriminate in the messages it carries to consumers and it delivers each one with the dynamic and personal effect that characterize the medium. This year, we saw once again that Radio can have a remarkable impact on a businesss bottom line.

Alphabetically, awards for the best English-speaking spots went to:

. County of San Diego/Health & Human Services Agency + AdEase

. Grossmont College + Rick Griffin Marketing Communications + Jeff Anderson Consulting

. Kearny Mesa Fiat + Suncoast Marketing

. Lakeside Rodeo/El Capitan Stadium + Lincoln Financial Media

. Massage Envy + InnoVision, LLC

. Mossy Nissan + Advanced Marketing Strategies

. San Diego County Credit Union + NYCA

Alphabetically, awards for the best Spanish-speaking spots went to:

. La Casa de Villa + Uniradio Corp

. OReilly Auto Parts + Univision Radio

. Tacos el Paisa + Univision Radio

Winners were selected on the basis of clients expectations, the measurable sales or awareness of their company as a result of the campaign, and secondarily on the creativity of the message. In every entry, satisfied business owners related the strategic Radio campaigns that brought customers to their business doors, campus or corrals in numbers that made a significant difference in their companies growth or vitality.

According to Massey, The stories we hear from our advertisers confirm what we know - Radio is an important part of a listeners day as a companion in the car, home, or at work. Listeners tell us that Radio keeps them company and puts them in a good mood. It makes sense that when people feel good, they are more receptive to an advertisers message. So whether its a catchy jingle, a compelling offer, or the opportunity to help set a Guinness World Record, Radio provides a great environment to convey the message. Each year as we judge our EAR Award entries, we see the impact the medium has on those who choose to invest in the marketing power of Radio. Its always impressive and it always makes us happy we can provide a cost-effective and targeted method of advertising for businesses of every kind.

2012 EAR Awards Winners Announced

The San Diego radio industry is celebrating excellence in the medium with the announcement of winners of the 2012 EAR (Effective Advertising on Radio) Awards. Nine local businesses along with their advertising agencies are recipients of this years awards - an honor bestowed on businesses that have effectively used the radio medium to convey their advertising message to listeners. The announcement comes from San Diego Radio Broadcasters Associations Executive Director, Sharon Massey. We were very impressed this year with the success stories related to the dozens of radio ads that were submitted for consideration, says Massey. Listeners are emotionally engaged with their favorite radio stations which creates a great environment for advertising. The nine winners we chose understood how to use the radio platform to make a connection with listeners and win new customers. The recipients including three Spanish language ads represent advertisers across multiple categories including automotive, medical, entertainment and general retail for which radio continues to produce a concrete ROI.

The 2012 winners include:
The PermaDontics Center / The Dark Horse Group
popchips / XHTZ, producer
KGTV 10News / KGTV Promotion Dept., producer
GTM General Stores / Suncoast Marketing
Toyota of Escondido/ Larson Advertising
AIS Insurance / Hermosa Media

The Spanish language winners are:
ASI Suena Productions / Uniradio Corp, Elvis Valle, producer
Haunted Hotel / RSP Radio
Northgate Gonzalez Market / Univision Radio, Hector Sandoval & Jose Serato, producers

Each winning entry was evaluated primarily on its effectiveness or measurable results, and secondarily on the creative, writing and production values.

While each advertiser used a totally different approach to the use of the medium, the winning entries had one thing in common, says Massey. They delivered a message to listeners that brought measurable results to advertisers. 

Toyota of Escondido - Honk If You Love Radio Advertising

Stephanie Karabatos, Account Executive, Clear Channel; Tom Belt, General Sales Manager, Toyota of Escondido; Laura Seefeld, Account Executive, CBS Radio; Mark Larson, Owner, Larson Advertising; Scott Whitehead, General Manager, Toyota of Escondido; Brittany Numbers, Local Sales Manager, CBS Radio; Todd Williams, Account Executive, Uniradio; Katy Bennett, Account Executive, Clear Channel

That well known jingle of Toyota of Escondido caught the attention of loyal listeners last October and November as the long-time radio advertiser turned to stations KyXy, KSCF, KGB, KSON,KPRI,XPRS, and a few radio stations in Temeculafor a significant part of an ad campaign touting the launch of the 2012 Camrys. After enduring a challenging year due to lack of inventory as a result of the tsunami in Japan, it was important to every Toyota dealer to end the year with a strong finish.

The dealership has consistently used spot radio to grow their business in addition to utilizing personality endorsements on a variety of stations on an ongoing basis. In this campaign, Larson Advertising created the thirty-second spot designed to drive potential buyers to the store in partnership with Toyota Motors for the re-launch of the Camry. Mark Larson, owner of Larson Advertising, states "Radio played a key role in helping us create major excitement for the launch of our all new, fully re-invented 2012 Camry in October of last year." Listeners were invited to test drive the new model for the chance of winning a trip for two to Hawaii.

More than a thousand people entered the contest which means that same impressive number took the drive to the dealership and got behind the wheel of a new car. That translated into many sales of the 2012 Camry.

Toyota of Escondido credits the kick-off campaign for the increase in Camry sales and market share, and was extremely happy with the additional foot traffic into their showroom."A combination of month-long creative radio, anchored by two weekends of live on-site radio events, created the energy and enthusiasm we had hoped for to bring a whole new vehicle to market very successfully. Local radio personality and longtime Toyota of Escondido spokesman Sam Bass awarded the grand prize to the lucky winner in an exciting and moving ceremony in early November at the dealership"according toLarson.

Whats more, the winner of the trip to Hawaii just happened to be a huge Toyota fans. She graciously gave the winning trip to her parents who had experienced a recent unpleasant vacation to Hawaii. No doubt they were singing that jingle throughout their lovely vacation! "We look forward to another opportunity to show the power of creative radio advertising to generate excitement, enthusiasm and sales!" says Larson.


Click to hear winning spot: Toyota of Escondido

The PermaDontics Center Sinks Its Teeth Into Radio Advertising

Rich Elrod, Account Executive, BCA Radio; Jerry Donadio, General Sales Manager, BCA Radio; Dr. Joel Berger, PermaDontics Center; Mary Reitz, Implant Consultant, PermaDontics Center; Dan Huslin, CEO, The Dark Horse Group; Steve Virissimo, Account Executive, Clear Channel

The Dark Horse Group understands that an endorsement from a trusted name in radio can make for very effective advertising. Thats why the agency asked long-time sports announcer and radio personality Ted Leitner to speak for PermaDontics in its May 2011 campaign a campaign that continues today. He posed the question to 50+ year olds, Are your teeth strong enough to tackle corn on the cob and steak?

Radio is the primary component in the marketing plan used to attract new clients to seminars on the procedure. Dark Horse and the sponsor believe the radio spots and the stamp of approval from a well-known member of the community made the venture especially successful.

The spots urge those who need help with their teeth, and who may be in a dire situation, to attend seminars given by the doctors both long time San Diegans and learn more about the life-changing procedure.

According to Dark Horses CEO Daniel Huslin, Our internal tracking has shown that seminar attendees are very predisposed to go forward with the Same Day Teeth Treatment Plan, more so than leads generated via our TV and print marketing, states Huslin. We think its the personal component that is conveyed via radio. We are successfully bringing in 15 to 20 people per seminar, despite competition from a fairly new competitor.

The PermaDontics doctors say they also used radio specifically stations XX1090, ESPN 1700 and KOGO AM/FM for its ability to connect with a broad audience and for ease in making changes to the creative. The campaign surpassed everyones expectations, with results showing a 40-percent increase in sales over the previous year.

We recently did an internal analysis of our customers over the 2011 period and found that we were able to trace over $250,000 worth of revenues to our radio efforts, states Huslin. We believe that this is revenue our competitor is missing out on - - but please don't tell them that!

As proof of PermaDontics satisfaction with radio advertising, the company is planning more projects with Leitner this year and has purchased an ad-lib spot in Padres radio broadcasts this baseball season.

Definitely information to chew on!


Click to hear PermaDontics Spot

Popular Snack Pairs Up With Popular Radio Station for More-Than- Effective Advertising

Adelle Danson, Regional Account Executive, Local Media San Diego; Josh Danson, West Sales Director, popchips; Jenn Goodrum, Field Marketing Manager, popchips; Gabriel Castro, Promotions Manager, Local Media San Diego; Ryan Raish, Sales Manager, popchips; Bryan Stevens, Account Executive, Clear Channel

The California company that makes popchips went strictly with radio in the San Diego portion of its 2011 advertising campaign. The goal was to increase likes on Facebook and grow the products database while branding the completely natural snack as a sponsor of the Bruno Mars 2011Tour.

The upbeat ads promised a chance to win a meet and greet session with the Grammy-winning singer in Del Mar at the San Diego County Fair, and then see his performance.

After airing spots on XHTZ-Z90.3 for approximately five weeks last spring, popchips received 4,967 Facebook likes while 715 consumers opted into the popchips database. The company ran a national Bruno Mars contest to help increase its Facebook presence, but overall, the San Diego campaign contributed 19-percent of the total Facebook likes a result that exceeded the clients expectations.

popchips, which are made in California, are a new entry in the snack food market and are deemed healthier because they are not fried or baked but popped. The chip company, which sells their product at retailers throughout San Diego including CVS and Sprouts stores, reported increases in likes, database growth, and product sold. San Diego remains one of popchips most important markets, with sales over-performing against the population as compared with other areas of the country.


Click here to play the award winning spot

Radio Advertising So Good, Its Spooky

Greg DeFatta, Owner, Haunted Hotel; Kim Hallisay, Local Sales Manager, KPRI; Jerry Del Villar, Owner, RSP Radio; Todd Williams, Account Executive, Uniradio; Sue Harland, Acccount Executive, KPRI; Robert Bruce, Owner, Haunted Hotel; Tony Gonzales, Account Executive, Lincoln Financial Media; Dawn Halcom, Account Executive, Lincoln Financial Media

A scream is a scream in any language, and there were plenty of them in the ads created in both English and Spanish language forthe 2011 Haunted Hotel, Haunted Trail and Scream Zone radio campaign.The company that owns the attractions chose radio as the medium to create excitement and urgency about the events that are open for only 30 days each year, investing 90% of their budget in the medium.

Radio company Uniradio helped create the Spanish language spots for the 2011 campaign in conjunction with Jerry Del Villar of RSP Radio. In using stations KHTY and XHFG, the clients were hoping to attract Spanish speaking 18 to 49-year olds part of an effort to reach a large chunk of the younger San Diego population and all ethnic backgrounds. And increase sales after some erosion in attendance figures in recent years due to the economy.

The owners of the haunted venues explained that in a time when many businesses cut their advertising because of the recession, they did just the opposite. They increased their budget, adding to the dollars they invested in radio while eliminating television advertising because of results that they said were disproportionate to its cost. Print ads were also utilized.

In addition to spots running on eleven broadcast radio stations, the campaign included streaming radio and digital ads on station websites. Radio stations also offer a huge online data base that complements our on air campaign, wrote owners Greg De Fatta and Robert Bruce. We drive traffic to our website where patrons have the opportunity to purchase tickets online. We had an incredible 35.1% of online ticket sales, the highest ever, which we believe is in direct correlation to our campaign.

The far from chilling results? From 2010 to 2011, attendance increased at the Haunted Hotel by 7.1% and the Haunted Trail increased by a whopping 13.1%, say the owners. Their third venue, Scream Zone at the Del Mar Scaregrounds, was up 6.3%.

Not only has the San Diego company created compelling radio spots, they've alsobeen recognized for the creativeexcellence oftheir venues. In October 2010, the Subway Room at The Haunted Hotel was rated as the Best Room in the United States by Scare Zone, an organization that rates haunted attractions around the country.

At the end of the ghoulish 2011 run, the haunted attractions brought in enough people to make it the second best year in the companys 22 year history.The owners say they see no reason to move away from a winning radio-driven campaign and will continue to invest in radio to grow their business.

GTM - Owners Find Theres No Discount to Radios Success

Brittany Numbers, Local Sales Manager, CBS Radio; Irene Benedetto, GTM; Pete Benedetto, Owner, GTM; Steve Lees, President, Suncoast Marketing; Chris Hughes, Account Executive, Radio San Diego

The owners of GTM discount stores were counting on radio and only radio - to help them recover from an especially difficult time during the latest recession. Despite its position as a discount retailer, they experienced the same drop in sales due to consumer belt tightening as other businesses. In their worst quarter, sales were down by 33% over the previous year.

Utilizing ad agency Suncoast Marketing, GTM implemented a three month radio campaign in the typically weak first quarter of 2011. The spot directed listeners to the stores, but also pointed potential shoppers to the company website to download a special coupon offer. Today they are thrilled to say they made the right choice.

Six radio stations and the Padres Baseball broadcast carried the high-impact commercial spot designed to generate quick and steady sales. The intent was to recover more revenue than the company had lost in the last quarter of 2010. The ad had to be compelling enough to get people from throughout the county to visit the GTM stores - located in Lemon Grove and Spring Valley - to check out their fantastic bargains.

The copy focused on the fact that in addition to regular savings, up to 70-percent on some items, listeners could also get a special coupon for 25% off any two items, from GTMs website.

The three month gamble proved to be no risk at all. From the day the spots began, consumers responded and sales surged. GTM saw an increase in sales in the first quarter of 2011 that was 37% higher than the same period in 2010. And in-store research showed that new customers from all corners of the county were responsible for the turnaround. The radio campaign was one of the most successful, if not the most successful advertising campaign, ever employed by the retailer.

As Suncoast Marketing President Steve Lees says, Since radio was the only advertising vehicle employed, it gets all the credit for this great accomplishment. Radio works tremendously well for retailers with a compelling message.

GTM continues to use radio advertising on a regular basis to grow business.


Click here to play the award winning spot

Enjoying the Sound of Music and Success With Grupo Uniradio

Cris Tolley, Project Manager, SDRBA; Daniel Garibay, Owner, Asi Suena Productions; Rene Reynoso, Account Executive, Uniradio; Nikki Vilven, Marketing Coordinator, SDRBA

When the Black Cherry Music Group, also known as Asi Suena Productions, wanted to bring out a crowd for a concert by Los Amigos Invisibles at the 4th and B in downtown San Diego,owner Daniel Garibayturned to Pulsar 107.3 to spread the word, with on-line media and flyers rounding out the campaign.

This was the third concert the company brought to the popular music venue, and it was hoping to boost the audience turnout which in the past had been less than successful. This time,Garibay wanted to pull in 600 fans to break even with the event

Grupo Uniradio created a very aggressive ad campaign and promotion that included ticket giveaways and a meet and greet dinner with the artist.

According to Uniradio marketing consultant Rene J. Reynoso, We not only met the clients hopes and expectations, we doubled them! The radio campaign brought in more than twelve hundred people to the very cool, high-energy show.

Reynoso says not only was the choice to use the adult contemporary station a plus for Asi Suena Productions, but the owner of 4th and B claimed it was one of his most successful events in recent memory.

It was also an awesome experience for our listeners, explains Reynoso. They called in the following morning to rave about the concert, on-air.

More than a year after the first successful partnership with Pulsar 107.3, AsiSuena Productionshas used the stations air waves to promote a total of twelve concerts. According to Reynoso, They continue to believe in and invest in Radio.


Click to hear audio of winning spot

Ah, Ah, AhDo Touch That Dial!

Joe Belshin, Account Executive, Local Media San Diego; Chris Hughes, Account Executive, Radio San Diego; Tina Rifkin, General Sales Manager, CBS Radio; Jeff Block, VP/General Manager, KGTV; Bob Bolinger, General Manager, CBS Radio; Jay Maloney, Director of Multi-Platform Marketing, KGTV; Susan Turman, Account Executive, CBS Radio; Lisa Helmke, Account Executive, Lincoln Financial Media; Tony Gonzales, Account Executive, Lincoln Financial Media

Leave it to radio to help coax television viewers to watch KGTVs 11:00 p.m. news.

10News launched a four-week multi-media campaign in October 2011, relying on nine different radio stations in addition to television spots - to carry its message to listeners in the 25-54 year old age group. The stations effectively made that connection, helping the television station achieve a ranking it hadnt had in almost five years. The 11:00 newscast moved from third place to first place in all key demographics, including among the coveted 25-54 year olds.

The branding of 10News as San Diegos News Source was supposed to build awareness among television viewers and convince them to switch to KGTV at 11 p.m. Research showed that audience had been indifferent, considering all newscasts the same. The goal was to capture a solid second place in the ratings. Instead, the station was catapulted into the lead position.

Radio Ensures A Brighter Future

Sabina Widmann, Director of Sales, Univision Radio; Ellen Brownstein, Media/Marketing; Hermosa Media Management; George Kalamaras, Assistant VP/Director of Business Development, AIS Insurance; Boston Rob, On-Air Personality, Rock 105.3; Romayne Levee, Marketing, AIS Insurance; Susan Zephir, Marketing Manager, AIS Insurance; Bryan Stevens, Account Executive, Clear Channel; Russell Robertson, General Sales Manager, Clear Channel

Who would have known rock radio listeners would be intent on saving money on their auto insurance and be happy to share their good news on the air? That was what AIS Insurance was counting on when the company launched a 2012 ad campaign in January with KIOZ 105.3s The Show morning team Eddie Pappani and Rob Stevens. Eddie and Rob have endorsed AIS for several years and already established in earlier ads that they are very satisfied AIS clients.

For this campaign, the client wanted to gather testimonials from KIOZ listeners in the 18 to 34-year-old range who had benefited from switching their insurance to AIS. In exchange for a pair of lift tickets, the satisfied clients were recorded as they interacted with the morning talent, explaining how much money they had saved with AIS. The testimonials were then edited into :30 second spots which ran throughout the day on the station, supplementing the live endorsements running in the mornings.

It was AIS goal to consistently lower the Cost Per Quote (CPQ) each week, and thats exactly what happened, thus making the spot deserving of a 2012 EAR Award. After only a week of airing the new testimonials, the CPQ dropped 49% when compared to the previous four weeks of ads. Week 2 of the campaign saw the CPQ fall 23%, and by Week 3, they fell 22%. That translates to potentially many new clients and an awful lot of people on the ski slopes!

AIS (Auto Insurance Specialists) provides rates from multiple California insurance companies to their clients and has over 20 locations in California. Hermosa Media handles media placement for the company which is a long term radio advertiser in San Diego.

A Dazzling Radio Performance for Diamonds Limited

Katy Bennett, Account Executive, Clear Channel Communications; Bob Zwibel, Owner, Diamonds Limited; Peggy Zwibel, Owner, Diamonds Limited; Steve Lees, President, Suncoast Marketing; Robin Lees, Senior Marketing Specialist, Suncoast Marketing; Brittany Donnelly, Local Sales Manager, CBS Radio; Bryan Stevens, Account Executive, Clear Channel Communications

It was radio that sparkled for Bob Zwibel, owner of Diamonds Limited, when he chose Suncoast Marketing to create a unique on-air campaign for his ailing El Cajon jewelry store.

Suncoast Marketings Steve Lees worked with television personality Larry Himmel to create an effective 60-second spot that convinced listeners to drive to El Cajon to sell their unwanted gold, diamonds and jewelry at up to four times more than Diamond Limiteds competitors pay. The store even provided a gas card for the commute to El Cajon.

It was a completely different spin and emphasis for the 30+ year old family owned and operated store. And it worked. According to Lees, Prior to the start of its radio campaign its first media campaign in three decades - Diamonds Limited was suffering through its worst stretch ever. Business in 2009 and through the first quarter in 2010 was off by 40-percent over the previous two years. Mr. Zwibel was concerned his business wouldnt survive.

But the spots that ran from March to December, 2010, wiped away those fears, states Lees. Mr. Zwibel gives full credit to the radio campaign for the enormous turnaround in his business. Once the ads on stations KFMB, WALRUS, MAGIC, KSON and XPRS began airing, they had an enormous effect.

The business saw an increase of nearly 50-percent in its store traffic in 2010. At times there were so many people trying to enter that management instituted lines outside the store, allowing someone new to enter only after others exited. Not only did Diamonds Limited recover its 40-percent loss of business from the previous year, it saw an additional increase of 17.5-percent.

Says Lees, Radio advertising made such a measurable difference in sales and profits that the owners closed the shop between Christmas and New Years and took the entire staff on a fully paid vacation.

Apparently radio was as good as gold in fulfilling its promise to reach new customers.

It Was Full Sales Ahead With Port of San Diegos Radio Campaign

From left: Nate Mendez, Promotions Director, Univision Radio; Peter Moore, Sr. Vice President/Western Regional Manager , Univision Radio; Rita Vandergaw, Director, Port of San Diego; Robb Henderson, Client Services Manager, MJE Marketing; Marlee Ehrenfeld, President

In the midst of an ailing local economy, the Port of San Diego and the San Diego Port Tenants Association went to work to encourage residents to take advantage of fun and affordable ways to entertain themselves along the citys bay front. And they wisely chose radio to help make that happen.

They launched their This Is a Good Day radio campaign, with 60- and 30-second spots calling attention to on-going promotions, special offers and events at waterfront restaurants, hotels and attractions.

Marlee J. Ehrenfeld of MJE Marketing Services teamed up with producer Tonya Mantooth to create upbeat 60- and 30-second radio spots touting award winning restaurants with affordable entrees, signature cocktails and appetizers served bayside.

The spots that aired on a half-dozen stations, targeted foodies as well as single and family adults from 25-54, with enticing opportunities for special meals and opportunities from Shelter Island to Harbor Island, the downtown Embarcadero, Coronado and South Bay. Each of the spots drove listeners to website, resulting in unprecedented activity on the site.

According to Ehrenfeld, During the eight-week period of the radio flight, visits to the site increased to11,997 a 23-percent jump over the same period the year before. The site saw 10,489 unique visitors a 32-percent increase. And 84-percent of visits to were new. That was an 8-percent increase over the previous year.

Additionally, reports Ehrenfeld, page views of restaurant specials increased by 132-percent. And of the nearly 8,000 views of individual tenant pages, 48-percent of visitors clicked the link taking them directly through to that business website. Click-through conversions on the site were also impressive: 79% for hotels, 36% for restaurants and 21% for attractions.

It was more than a good day. It was a great two months for the Port of San Diego and for radios reputation at effectively drawing good crowds.

A Lesson in Effective Radio for Azusa Pacific University

From left: Brittany Donnelly, Local Sales Manager, CBS Radio; John Burlison, Assistant Professor and Director of the San Diego regional office, Azusa Pacific; Colleen Davidson, General Sales Manager, Lincoln Financial Media; Greg Cook, Production Director, Lincoln Financial Media; Kim Toreck, Account Executive, Lincoln Financial Media; Bryan Stevens, Account Executive, Clear Channel

When Azusa Pacific University wanted to spread the word about its Teacher Education program, it chose a radio campaign that spanned the September 2010 to May 2011 school term. The award winning spots entitled Teachers Are Heroes featured personal experiences of on air-talent, with the hope of generating greater awareness of the universitys already successful program.

According to Greg Cook, Production Director, Lincoln Financial Media, The campaign was also designed to bring in quality nominations that provided heartfelt stories of teachers who went above and beyond their job descriptions in making the education process come to life.

The university had been receiving 600 700 nominations per year before the radio ads. Once the campaign was launched, the school received 440 nominations in less than half the time frame.

The Teachers are Heroes program is in my opinion one of the best cause marketing campaigns in San Diego County, states John G. Burlison, Assistant Professor, Azusa Pacific University and Director of the San Diego regional office.

This program gives teachers the recognition they deserve and Azusa Pacific University exposure to the county they serve. It is a win-win for both the university and the community.

According to Garrett Michaels, Program Director of FM94/9, I continue to be amazed at the passion San Diegans have for their teachers. The new commercialspersonalize the impact great teachers have on all of us. These stories encourage and acknowledge the profession that promotes our greatest asset, our children.

Industry News
Today we call it Data but we used to call it Statistics. Statistics are boring. That's why a clever boy in Silicon Valley gave them a new and better name. A scientist is willing to change a belief when presented with data, facts and logic.
Leveraging Nielsen’s local television and audio panels, Nielsen and CBS collaborated to demonstrate the additive power of combining media buys for major ad campaigns.
Increases occurred across all sectors including spot, digital, network and off-air revenue.
Brands averaged a sales lift of more than $6 for every $1 spent on radio ads an ROI double that of even the best results from many recent studies of digital or TV media.
Study finds that only 40 percent of web ads are viewable, meaning that at least half of the ad was in view for more than a second. The rest were out of the view of the user visiting that page.
Like so many Sir Galahads on the quest for the Holy Grail, businesspeople continue to search with near-religious ardor for "the perfect ad campaign." And many, when they have found it, learn that it's not enough. One of the greatest myths in marketing is the belief that advertising, by itself, is able to drive steady traffic into a business. This perception is supremely evident when a businessperson looks at an ad professional and says, "My only problem is traffic. If I had more traffic I'd sell more customers. Traffic is your department. Bring me customers. Now." What makes good ads fail?
The length of the "ramping up period" an ad campaign will require before you begin to see results is determined by the following factors, listed in descending order of their importance: 1. Product Purchase Cycle 2. Share of Voice 3. Impact Quotient of message 4. Media delivery vehicle...